The Ultimate Weapon - A poacher's son blames Tarzan for the death of his father and vows revenge against the Lord of the Jungle.
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The fabled apeman comes to the small screen in this '60s adventure series. Now a well-educated man grown weary of civilization, Tarzan (Ron Ely) returns to the jungle where he lived as a boy. Along with chimpanzee Cheeta and orphan boy Jai (Manuel Padilla Jr.), Tarzan keeps his jungle home safe from poachers and an assortment of wily wrongdoers.
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S1/EP 1 - Eyes of the Lion

A young blind girl's "seeing eye lion" is imperiled when it is mistaken for another lion that has killed several villagers.

S1/EP 2 - The Ultimate Weapon

A poacher's son blames Tarzan for the death of his father and vows revenge against the Lord of the Jungle.

S1/EP 3 - Leopard on the Loose

A trading post worker in dire financial straits absconds with Jai's pet leopard.

S1/EP 4 - A Life for a Life

When Jai is bitten by a poisonous spider and needs a blood transfusion, there are only two people whose blood can help—and one is a wanted killer.

S1/EP 5 - The Prisoner

After a native policeman is seriously injured by a thief, Tarzan apprehends the culprit and tries to get him to jail before the injured lawman's tribesmen can inflict reprisal.

S1/EP 6 - Three Faces of Death

Tarzan agrees to participate in three dangerous events in order to help a native queen retain rulership over her tribe.

S1/EP 7 - Prodigal Puma

A big game hunter tries to steal a rare puma that Tarzan has captured.

S1/EP 8 - Deadly Silence: Part 1

Tarzan is rendered temporarily deaf by an exploding hand grenade while trying to prevent a gang of mercenaries from sacking a village.

S1/EP 9 - Deadly Silence: Part 2

Deafened by a hand grenade blast, Tarzan must rely on Jai and his animal friends to elude a gang of mercenaries.

S1/EP 10 - The Figurehead

Tarzan and Jai must save a young prince from the gang of assassins who killed his father.

S1/EP 11 - Village of Fire

Suffering from a severe fever after being bitten by a leopard, Jai's only hope lies in a vaccine that was stolen by a chieftan.

S1/EP 12 - The Day of the Golden Lion

When Tarzan decides to take part in an athletic contest, thieves are already making plans to steal the grand prize.

S1/EP 13 - Pearls of Tanga

A mercenary poisons native waters so that he and his men are the only ones able to harvest valuable pearl oysters.

S1/EP 14 - The End of the River

When an airplane crashes in the jungle, Tarzan races to save a young girl's life and clashes with a convicted criminal.

S1/EP 15 - Ultimate Duel

Aided by a computer that's able to predict Tarzan's every move, a scientist forces the Jungle Lord to race for his life against a band of killers.

S1/EP 16 - Fire People

Tarzan and Jai try to persuade a tribe of natives to abandon their homes on a volcanic mountain before it erupts.

S1/EP 17 - Track of the Dinosaur

A corrupt government official exploits a local legend to drive natives away from a rich mineral deposit.

S1/EP 18 - The Day the Earth Trembled

Tarzan must depend on three escaped convicts to help him escort a group of children to safety during an earthquake.

S1/EP 19 - Captain Jai

Jai is kidnapped by sailors trying to recover stolen diamonds.

S1/EP 20 - Pride of Assassins

A smuggler sends hired killers after a young woman and Tarzan when they threaten to expose his gunrunning scheme.

S1/EP 21 - Golden Runaway

An Irish adventurer who's now a village medicine man helps Tarzan find a woman's missing brother.

S1/EP 22 - Basil of the Bulge

A corrupt government official connives to have a diplomat captured by a dissenting native tribe.

S1/EP 23 - Mask of Rona

Leading a search party for a missing artist, Tarzan is confronted by the fact that a couple of its members are not who they appear to be.

S1/EP 24 - To Steal the Rising Sun

Tarzan is the unwitting accomplice of an exiled chief who plans to steal a priceless ruby belonging to his former tribe.

S1/EP 25 - Jungle Dragnet

A local revolutionary joins forces with a mercenary to prevent the discovery of a rich oil field.

S1/EP 26 - Perils of Charity Jones: Part 1

Missionary Charity Jones enlists Jai's help to deliver an organ to a native tribe.

S1/EP 27 - Perils of Charity Jones: Part 2

Tarzan rescues missionary Charity Jones and Jai from hostile natives only to have the trio pursued by a band of cutthroats after hidden guns.

S1/EP 28 - The Circus

A fugitive tries to evade capture by joining a circus that's traveling through the jungle.

S1/EP 29 - The Ultimatum

Seeking revenge against Tarzan, pistol packin' Madeline Riker and her band of hired goons threaten to destroy a village unless the Jungle Lord is turned over to them.

S1/EP 30 - Algie B for Brave

A British official recruits Tarzan and Jai to help locate a communist country's nuclear detection equipment.

S1/EP 31 - Man Killer

A village whose members employ hallucinogenic drugs in their ceremonial rituals complicates Tarzan's search for a killer.

S2/EP 1 - Tiger, Tiger

An engineer continues work on an irrigation project despite a warning from Tarzan that a deadly tiger is on the prowl.

S2/EP 2 - Voice of the Elephant

Jai's pet elephant is imperiled when the animal is blamed for the death of an official.

S2/EP 3 - Thief Catcher

Tarzan and Jai's lives are threatened by two escaped convicts.

S2/EP 4 - Blue Stone of Heaven: Part 1

Defying an ancient taboo, Tarzan leads an archaeological expedition to a burial ground deep in the jungle.

S2/EP 5 - Blue Stone of Heaven: Part 2

Tarzan must prevent a crazed mercenary from dynamiting an ancient burial ground and stealing a jeweled idol.

S2/EP 6 - Curse of the Mugumba Tree

Tarzan battles a treacherous engineer to save a young woman from a death curse.

S2/EP 7 - The Fanatics

A female reporter exposes a rigged tribal election with the assistance of Tarzan.

S2/EP 8 - Last of the Superman

A Nazi war criminal forces Tarzan to help him locate a fortune that was buried during World War II.

S2/EP 9 - Hotel Hurricane

A gang of fugitive mobsters tries to fool Tarzan and Jai into helping them recover stolen loot.

S2/EP 10 - Pride of the Lioness

A young doctor faces two adversaries in trying to keep his late father's jungle clinic open: a native witch doctor and his own mother.

S2/EP 11 - Mountains of the Moon: Part 1

Tarzan accompanies a widow and her band of religious pilgrims on a dangerous journey into forbidden land.

S2/EP 12 - Mountains of the Moon: Part 2

Tarzan, Rosanna McCloud and her followers continue into forbidden land—with hostile natives waiting in ambush.

S2/EP 13 - Jai's Amnesia

Suffering from amnesia, Jai gets tangled up in the attempted theft of a sacred ruby.

S2/EP 14 - Creeping Giants

A powerful land owner tries to talk an engineer into dynamiting a mountain range, which would wipe out several native villages.

S2/EP 15 - The Professional

Tarzan does battle with a power-mad colonel whose troops have overrun the land of a peaceful native tribe.

S2/EP 16 - The Convert

A nun returns to a native village to bring medicine and treat the sick.

S2/EP 17 - King of the Dwasari

Tarzan tangles with a glib American expatriate who's made himself the monarch of a native tribe.

S2/EP 18 - A Gun for Jai

While guiding a trigger-happy safari, Tarzan searches for a wounded Cheeta.

S2/EP 19 - Trek to Terror

Tarzan unwittingly helps a corrupt police inspector set a death trap for a crusading doctor.

S2/EP 20 - End of a Challenge

Tarzan pursues a thief who has kidnapped Jai and a native chief's son.

S2/EP 21 - Jungle Ransom

A woman enlists Tarzan's help in freeing her husband from a band of outlaws.

S2/EP 22 - Four O'Clock Army: Part 1

Tarzan and Sir Basil Bertram clash over how to best handle an impending raid by a gang of slave traders.

S2/EP 23 - Four O'Clock Army: Part 2

Tarzan must stop a gang of slave traders whose prisoners include Jai.

S2/EP 24 - Rendezvous for Revenge

Tarzan pursues a fugitive couple armed with hand grenades.

S2/EP 25 - Alex the Great

When a village is threatened by a man-eating lion, Alex Spence arrives on the scene determined to prove himself superior to Tarzan—by killing him.

S2/EP 26 - Trina

A girl enlists Tarzan's help in locating her long-lost uncle.