Three unlikely musical episodes you can see on H&I

By: H&I Staff    Posted: December 21, 2016, 1:55PM

Can you sing? Do you sing in public? How about in the shower? Do you even like to sing? Everyone has different answers to these questions — even our favorite Heroes & Icons characters.

From the Hamilton craze to La La Land, musicals are back in a big way. Modern television shows have also been fond of crafting the one-off musical episode, too. There are quite a few more than you might expect. Did you know Xena: Warrior PrincessStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager all made musical episodes? 

If you stay tuned to H&I long enough, you might just see these sci-fi/fantasy musical mash-ups. Keep your eyes peeled on the schedule for when they pop up. But just in case you can't catch them on our network, here are a few of our favorite musical episodes. 


Xena: Warrior Princess - "The Bitter Suite"

Season three, episode 12

This episode has it all — laughter, sadness, music, battles. In "The Bitter Suite," Gabrielle and Xena travel to the Land of Illusia where they're forced to work together and put the past behind them. This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award, and Joseph LoDuca, the series composer, was nominated for Outstanding Music and Lyrics. Lucy Lawless did all her own singing in this episode! Add that to the reasons why we love her. Feast your ears… 


Star Trek: Voyager - "Virtuoso"

Season six, episode 13

Some people have to go to great lengths to have their singing appreciated, like the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. He had to wait for an alien race to realize his potential. The Qomar aliens had never even conceived of the concept of music before encountering the Doctor. So can you really blame them for being so astonished? The Doctor is given the chance to abandon his crew and live out his unrealized singing dream. Can he bring himself to leave the crew aboard the Voyager


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - "His Way"

Season six, episode 20

Lucky for the crew, a new Holosuite feature transports them to a 20th-century Las Vegas nightclub featuring a lounge singer named Vic Fontaine. Throughout the episode, Odo is pining after Kira, but the shape-shifter is too shy to say anything. That all changes when Vic, the hologram, teaches Odo all about the ways of romance. Where does the music aspect come in, you ask? Kira sings a fitting rendition of "Fever" in the club. She did all her own singing too!